9 Rivers : Stream of consciousness

The 9 Rivers group is very pleased to announce that our first project, titled “Stream of consciousness” will be installed in Lierstranda in October.

In literary criticism, stream of consciousness is a narrative mode or method that attempts to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind. Psychologist William James in his research “The Principles of Psychology” initially coined the term, where he reflects on the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind. Our stream of consciousness carried us to three different areas of looking at our task, we have tried to combine them all in one project: the container is a symbol of international cooperation, and our project is highly international. It focuses on international law, international pollution and international beauty.

In our project we present for the audience a space which is filled with moving light, not unlike the Noctiluca scinitillans (lightening algae) – in Norwegian: morild, found at beaches in salty water. They are beautiful, but also dangerous, as the increased findings of this phenomenon is caused by emissions from fumes and nitrogen by fertilizers, among other things, used in agriculture.

For us they become a symbol of the value that can be introduced into this Lier area, which will be transformed into a new living area.
Noctiluca scinitillans also describes the visualization of borders, since the Noctiluca scinitillans visualize the end of land and beginning of the sea. This leads us back to another issue which will be addressed in 9 rivers: The stream of Consciousness: An audio loop will meditatively quote issues of water laws, more specifically in Norway, China, The Netherlands and Australia. These mentioned countries have had long-term land reclamation projects, also known as land fills. Through this audio project we look at land rehabilitation rights and make the audience aware of different rights for their citizens in different countries.

To find more details on the art projects at Lierstranda you can download this flyer

The project is supported by:

Sponsors - Lierstranda


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