9 Rivers is a collaborative project focusing on the importance of rivers. The project team comprises Anne-Britt Rage (NO), Anneke von der Fehr (NO), Josiah Jordan (NZ) and Tracey Benson (AU).

The artists explore a range of media including photography, video, performance as well as augmented and virtual reality. It is the latest chapter in an ongoing project about the connections between water, humanity and culture inspired in part by the Words for Water (2013-) project by Tracey Benson.

9 Rivers explores different geographic locations, starting with the Oslofjord in Norway and the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia. By looking at two very different ecosystems and climates, the artists hope to draw out narratives from the rivers to tell stories about place, environment and culture.

The proposed exhibition 9 Rivers is envisaged as a multiple-media project using a range of media including photography, performance, video and augmented and virtual reality.

Creatively the project is linked to moments in time and the understanding of the land and water in recent past, not so recent past and deep past: the shifting and changing of tides and geographies.

We as a group of artists are very interested in the ability of science to tell stories about places and presenting different ways to offer up those stories to non-scientific audiences to expand knowledge and engagement.

The intention with the 9 Rivers project and the overall Words for Water program of work is to engage the audience about the cultural and meditative aspects of water and to remind the audience about taking time to acknowledge the intrinsic beauty of nature and its relationship to us. The project is also about increasing awareness of issues that affect the river system health.

In December 2017, 9 Rivers became part of the ongoing Oslofjord Ecologies project led by Kristen Bergaust. This is a multi-site, multi-year project featuring the work of many artists working on relevant issues related to water and ecosystem health.

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